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Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick is the founder N-Deed Regime. He is from Little Rock, AR. His parents are Oliver Fitzpatrick Jr and Nadine Fitzpatrick. He has a younger brother, Iain Thai Fitzpatrick, and older sister, Shaninna Fitzpatrick. His love of fashion began at a young age when he started dressing himself at the age of 4. He started Ndeed Regime in 2013 selling custom handmade bowties and watches. He went to Arkansas Fashion School and studied under the great Jamileh Kamran. Here is where he honed his skills of sewing. He then began to make his own custom bowties. As time went by his skills and talents increased and he found the passion of designing suits for men and women. He has designed suits for weddings, homecomings, proms and other events. His love of fashion and craftsmanship has continued to grow, develop, and evolve. He says N-Deed is very special to him because he wants to show young men how to be fashionable and stylish and also how to dress for success. He was told two things that always stuck with him first “You dress for the job that you want not the job that you have” and “Your first impression is the lasting impression.” Trust me once you see

Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick and N-Deed Regime its just different!


We are an Exclusive Luxury & Designer Fashion Brand Specializing in customizable Suits, Ball Gowns, Accessories & More for men, women, and children of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds..

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